Nurturing Life's Ageless Spirit.

Catholic Eldercare Memory Care in Minneapolis, MN

Memory Care in Minneapolis, MN

Alleviate the stress and frustration of memory impairment

Our memory care facilities at RiverVillage East and Catholic Eldercare, Albert J. Hofstede Care Center, located in Northeast Minneapolis, provide a safe and familiar environment where residents with dementia or other memory concerns receive dedicated care from our highly trained caregivers. Each resident receives a personalized program of care tailored to their unique requirements. Our memory care staff work to create a stimulating, accepting environment that feels like home and prizes dignity above all, where each resident is valued and cared for as individuals. Programming provides opportunities for creativity, exercise, and companionship that nurture mind, spirit, and body. Memory care residents experience specialized care and security integral to a full and comfortable life. 

Dementia/Alzheimer Disease Support Group

When: Every 2nd Thursday of the month
Where: St Anthony of Padua Chapel
817 Main Street NE Minneapolis MN 55413
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm 

Support groups create a safe, confidential, supportive environment or community and a chance for participants to develop informal mutual support and social relationships. They also educate and inform participants about dementia and help participants develop methods and skills to solve problems.  
Questions please call or e-mail: Emma Levitt elevitt@catholiceldercare.org or 612-362-2408