Nurturing Life's Ageless Spirit.

Catholic Pastoral Care in Mpls, MN

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Catholic Eldercare Pastoral Care

817 Main Street NE | Minneapolis, 55413

All faiths are welcome at Catholic Eldercare where residents' spiritual needs are always a consideration. The pastoral care staff are trained in ministering to all.

Catholic Eldercare, Albert J. Hofstede Care Center and MainStreet Lodge Catholic assisted living residents appreciate the convenient indoor access to daily services in the chapels or at St. Anthony of Padua Church at Catholic Eldercare. The Chapel at RiverVillage is always open to visitors and residents can walk through the indoor "village street" to mass at St. Hedwig parish. When residents and their family members face life transitions- the pastoral care staff can offer support.

  •  Mini retreats
  •  Memorial Masses
  •  Prayer Groups

Creativity & Spirituality Program

Every person, every day, is a work of art—God's art. Through the creation of our Creativity Spirituality Program, Catholic Eldercare's pastoral care staff helps elders nourish the spirit by offering various creative outlets that fulfill and engage elders, regardless of age or infirmity. This innovative program is based upon research at the National Institutes of Health, which discovered that creativity grows as we age.

  •  Watercolor Painting
  •  Poetry Writing
  •  Concerts