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When You Need Skilled Nursing Care in NE Minneapolis

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The health and safety of elderly parents living on their own occupies the minds of adult children, and their worries escalate when it becomes clear that it’s time for a move. Some are able to transition their parent to assisted living when it appears it would be helpful, and others are not. It is often a loss of mobility, memory loss, or a serious fall that leads families to skilled nursing care, and we are here to provide it with love, compassion, and dignity, grounded in faith. 

“We serve people wherever they are and go the extra mile to make the Albert J. Hofstede Care Center their home,” says Marie Barta, Director of Operations for Skilled Care Services. Every day, I ensure that we deliver high quality care and prioritize the health and safety of our residents and their families. People tell us they feel the warmth of our community when they step into it.” 

Renata Kutek agrees. As a licensed practical nurse (LPN), Renata provides care and builds relationships with residents, based on trust, and she goes the extra mile to make them comfortable. “I have a resident who drinks tea in bed. She drinks it with her left hand, so I make sure the cup is positioned right.” Renata can also be found shredding cheese for a resident who loves string cheese. “It makes me happy when I come into a resident’s room, and they smile or tell me they missed me while I was gone. I love the sparkle in their eyes.” Renata is also quick to point out her gratitude to Catholic Eldercare for hiring enough staff. “Because we have enough people, we can spend extra time with our residents, and build good relationships.” 

 Always focused on improving the lives of residents, Marie is now introducing alternatives to medicine, such as hand massage, healing touch, fitness class, and aromatherapy. She is also enhancing the music and animal therapy programs in the care center. “These are things that can help relieve pain and be calming for our residents,” Marie says. “And we have a fitness, education, massage, and aroma therapy program for our staff, as a way to relieve stress. We take care of our staff, so they can stay healthy to take care of our residents.”

Renata has provided care and built friendships with Care Center residents at Catholic Eldercare for 25 years. “They are very interesting people. Sometimes we read the same books, and listen to the same music,” she says. “I had an artist in my care, and I admired the paintings in her room. I love art and have always wanted to paint. She encouraged me to do it and said she would help me. She asked me to replicate one of her paintings, so I did. When I brought my painting to her, she gave me feedback. Her family was grateful that I made her feel special, but she made me feel special too.”  

“Our staff is diverse, and we embrace it,” Marie says. “We have people of different faiths and walks of life who bring unique skills, talents, and gifts. Everyone is important, no matter what position they have, or where they come from.” And people stay at Catholic Eldercare. Renata confidently says, “Some staff members have been her for over 30 years because we’re a close, supportive community. We are like a family.” 

What do families say about the Albert J. Hofstede Care Center? Marie sums it up. “When I do my rounds and look at our surveys, families are very complimentary on care and services, and they recommend us to family members and friends. Many live down the street. There are so many connections in Northeast. I love what I do and it is wonderful to be able to improve the lives of those we serve.”