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Types of Rehabilitation Therapy

After any accident, injury, or major surgery, rehabilitation therapy is a vital component to recovery. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are the 3 most common types of rehabilitation therapy. Each therapeutic discipline is designed to address specific issues to help you function at your very best, in every aspect of your life.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on a person’s functional abilities. General wear and tear associated with aging, injury, or surgery can take a toll on your body. Physical therapy mixes a combination of approaches including exercise, massage, stretching, and more. It can help improve an individual's strength, flexibility, and mobility. Other physical therapy benefits include:

  • Reducing risk of falls by improving balance
  • Decreasing pain, swelling, and inflammation
  • Increasing endurance
  • Help maintaining independence

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on restoring an individual’s ability to perform necessary daily activities. For individuals with disabilities or recovering from injury, occupational therapists will assess the person’s surroundings and recommend activities and modifications to achieve personal goals. By working on improving these fine motor skills, individual’s benefit by:

  • Maintaining a sense of independence
  • Preventing further deterioration
  • Learning alternative methods for self-care: bathing, dressing, meal prep, or eating
  • Learning methods to cope with the physical and emotional effects of a disability

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy focuses on improving a person’s verbal and written communication after suffering a traumatic injury. The ability to communicate and speak clearly is imperative for individuals of all ages. For seniors, being able to communicate where pain is located, discomfort, and what’s wrong in general is especially critical. Failure to communicate concerns clearly can quickly escalate into an emergency situation. Speech therapy patients can benefit by:

  • Strengthening vocal chords
  • Improving ability to swallow
  • Providing new methods of communication
  • Improving quality of life

We Focus on Functional Need and Overall Wellness

Rehabilitation therapy can be a very transformative process. At Catholic Eldercare, we create personalized rehabilitation plans for our residents. Our outpatient therapy department ensures that our residents receive the support they need to thrive and meet personal goals. To learn more about our rehabilitation services, please contact Katy Vidal at 612-362-2416 with any questions.