Nurturing Life's Ageless Spirit.

Nourishing Body and Spirit

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Nourishing Body and Spirit

The staff of Catholic Eldercare nourishes the bodies, minds, and spirits of our residents in many ways. They are compassionate people who provide physical care and support, while also meeting emotional human needs of companionship and friendship. They are united in love and kindness, and a commitment to dignity and respect across our communities.

So, what drives our team to provide exceptional service and care to residents and families? Let’s let them tell you!

We’re proud to introduce you to a few of our people: Tracey Franklin, RN-BSN-PHN Tracey is the nursing manager in our memory care unit. For 22 years, she has cared for residents with a goal of helping them have a beautiful ending to the rest of their life. She lovingly assures families they’ve come to the right place, and no one is to blame for the cause of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. “It’s a whole mish mash of love here,” says Tracey. “I keep things light-hearted and take everything with a grain of salt. This job has to be a part of you, and you have to jump in and meet people where they are.” Knowing that seeing is believing, Tracey invites family members in to observe something she says can’t be put into words. “We can’t fake it, and when families see us in motion, they get a better understanding of how we care for people with dignity in this place that is their home. Knowing we are committed to making the lives of a spouse, parent, sister, or brother as enjoyable and beautiful as possible helps them accept the situation.

Seetadai Bashier, CNA-TMA “Seeta” is a certified nursing assistant and trained medication aid who has shown love and care to Catholic Eldercare residents for 28 years. Working with people with Alzheimer’s and dementia, Seeta believes that dignity begins with allowing them to make their own choices. Therefore, she makes a point to ask residents if they’re ready to do things, rather than assuming they are. Seeta shows love in many ways throughout the day. “I approach people with a smile, and greet them with a handshake, or a hug around the shoulder. I sit with them, hold their hand, and talk with them about their life, family, and the places they’ve worked. This shows that I care about their well-being.”

Larry Jones, Catholic Eldercare Chef From resident care to resident service, love and joy are consistent throughout Catholic Eldercare. Chef Larry Jones once said, “I try to give residents something that’s going to make them smile or think about another time in their life. Like music, food has the power to spark memories and immediately transport you to another time.”

Chaplain David Liedl David intentionally begins every day with a smile on his face. “I’m a dispenser of joy because laughter and good humor are the clearest example of the presence of God.”

Catholic Eldercare CEO Greg Baumberger sums it up, “I’m honored to walk in the Light with so many wonderful people who give to Catholic Eldercare every day.”