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Love is Good Medicine


Did you know that love has the power to heal and keep you healthy? It’s no secret that a mother’s loving embrace can ease the pain of cuts, bruises, and scratches. And research shows that a happy heart leads to a healthy heart.

Valentine’s Day seems like a good time to explore the link between love and good health. No one is certain as to why loving relationships of all kinds are good for your physical well-being, but research has shown it to be true. We went to some of the top medical resources that have conducted that research, and from WebMD to the Mayo Clinic, here’s what we found: 

10 Health Benefits of Love 

  1. Good health starts with the heart.
    It’s not only romantic love that can improve your heart health. Having close, loving relationships with your friends and family can also have cardiovascular benefits and make you more inclined to follow medical advice. 
  2. Spending time with people you love can help mend a broken heart.
    It’s been medically proven that the heart suddenly becomes enlarged at the time of great loss and sadness. Spending extra time with the other people you love can help it heal.
  3. People in loving relationships take better care of themselves.
    A spouse may encourage you to visit your doctor or dentist, and a best friend might motivate you to eat more whole grains or reduce your sugar intake. Over time, these practices can result in fewer illnesses.
  4. Love gives your immune system a boost. 
    It’s true! Love has been linked to fighting the common cold.
  5. Love lessens pain. 
    Feelings of love activate the part of your brain that keeps pain under control.
  6.  Love contributes to a longer life.
    Research shows married people live longer because financial benefits and support from your spouse and your children.
  7. Love supports stress management. 
    When you’re stressed, the support of someone who loves you can help you cope.
  8. Love lowers blood pressure.
    Loving, stable relationships support the release of dopamine, creating peace and calm.
  9. A loving pet can help keep you healthy. 
    Studies have shown that the loving bond between people and their pets can lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and anxiety,
  10. Love makes a happier life.
    As you mostly know, one of love’s greatest benefits is joy. Joy comes from the Lord, and it can improve your overall health, so find your joy!

In his 19th century novel, Les Misérables, Victor Hugo wrote, “To love another person is to see the face of God.” On this Valentine’s Day, and every day, may you feel God’s love and the love that surrounds you. May it deeply bless you, and bring you good health and happiness.