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International Day of Older People

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International Day of Older People

The United Nations Designates October 1 as International Day of Older People and this year’s theme: Digital Equity for All Ages shines a light on the need to assure older adults keep pace with our digital world.  You can read more about this UN initiative at https://www.un.org/en/observances/older-persons-day.

Consider how the global pandemic changed the way we communicate with each other; virtual meetings, tele-health visits, groceries on-line, video calls and the list goes on.  The pandemic didn’t begin the fourth industrial revolution, but it surely has accelerated it.

Technology can be the bane of our existence at times, and it can enhance our lives.  Today there are voice activated appliances, GPS tacking devices and blue tooth device locators just to name a few, all designed to enhance life and keep seniors safe in their homes.  Read more at Institute on Aging https://blog.ioaging.org/aging/5-life-enhancing-tech-tools-for-seniors/.

During the pandemic, we enlisted Apple technology to assist with FaceTime visits giving residents and families the ability to see one another when in-person visits were restricted.  To keep residents engaged while congregate activities were postponed, we developed programming on a closed-circuit TV channel broadcast to all resident rooms.  Using this technology, they could enjoy concerts, travel the world, go to museums and much more. 

At Catholic Eldercare we recognize the importance of keeping our residents and families safe and connected.  We embrace the use of technology and continue to upgrade our facilities to assure residents have the access and resources they need to continue living fully in a digital world.