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How Pets Can Improve Your Health

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Excited barks and slobbery kisses—there’s nothing better than the joy of coming home to a loyal companion. While people of all ages enjoy interacting with animals, those over 60 especially appreciate the bond and companionship pets have to offer. The unconditional love and friendship animals provide not only helps soothe the soul, but also offers many health benefits. Here are a few ways pets can improve your aging loved one’s well-being:

Reduces Loneliness & Increases Social Interactions

It’s not a surprise that aging adults currently find themselves spending more time at home than they once did. According to the CDC, “nearly one-fourth of adults aged 65 and older are considered to be socially isolated.” Pets not only offer aging adults a sense of comfort to help combat loneliness, but they encourage your aging loved ones to get out of the house. Whether it’s regular walks, trips to the dog park, routine pet care, or gathering supplies—animals make it easier to break the ice with new acquaintances and increase social interactions.

Increases Physical Activity

“Let’s go for a walk!” The jingle of a leash followed by that phrase will send many tails happily wagging. A daily walk or play time are great ways to care and bond with your furry friend. It’s also a great way to incorporate low-stress exercise into your day. According to the Mayo Clinic, walking is great for your heart, helps strengthen your muscles, improves your balance, and boosts your mood. 

Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure left uncontrolled and untreated, can be very dangerous. It can lead to many health hazards like stroke, kidney disease, heart attacks and more. Did you know pets have a relaxing effect on people? All it takes is a simple touch. Research suggests that talking to and petting an animal can help lower your blood pressure and improve your quality of life. 

Find A Sense Of Purpose

Animals have an extraordinary way of capturing your heart and enriching your life. At Catholic Eldercare, we frequently see four-legged friends making rounds in our community. Our Pets with a Purpose program helps residents feel needed, renewing their sense of purpose. These dogs, cats, and rabbits provide our residents with an abundant supply of unconditional love and companionship. To learn more about our communities and our programs, please call us at 612-605-2515. We look forward to assisting you.