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Grateful Holidy Hearts

Grateful Holiday Hearts

 November is the month of gratitude. It’s a time to give thanks and focus on what we are grateful for in our lives. As we approach Thanksgiving and the Christmas season that follows, we turn to the people of Catholic Eldercare to share their feelings of gratitude.

 Edie Jansen – Wyndris resident

Edie says she drove down Marshall Avenue for 30 years, and never looked to the left. Three years ago, she finally did, after Catholic Eldercare came up in a conversation at a

picnic she attended with her daughter who is a long-time Northeast resident. “I made my decision within three seconds of seeing the place, and I haven’t looked back,” she says. “I Iove living here, and I love the people. We have a little bit of heaven here at Wyndris, and I’m grateful for it every day.”

 Four children, ten grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren are at the top of Edie’s gratitude list, especially during the holidays. “My entire family came to Wyndris to celebrate Christmas last year, and I’ve reserved our party room to host again in December,” she says.

“I’m so grateful for food on the table, freedom of country and freedom to worship God. America has been so blessed with abundance, and as a nation, we have so much.

 The real meaning of Christmas has been Edie’s focus since childhood. She says, “Things were softer then, and moved slower, and Christmas was a cherished time, with no crazy shopping. Church was a huge part of it. Now, we never seem to have what we want and there’s a big price to be paid for everything we have. At age 85, my health is slipping a bit, but hard not to be grateful.”

 Nancy Utoft – Chair of the Catholic Eldercare Board of Directors

I'm most thankful for the gift of time. As I've continued to grow into my life beyond full-time work, I've been blessed to use the time to more intentionally deepen important relationships in my life.

 I’m also grateful for time to serve on the Catholic Eldercare Board of Directors, alongside fellow Board members. and for the beautiful care the staff provides with dignity, meeting each person’s individual needs. It flows from our Catholic identity and offers a holistic approach to service. Attending to the physical health of our residents is, of course, preeminent, but it’s also about emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and I’m grateful that our staff cares with this in mind, with smiles in their eyes that I see above the masks they wear as they serve residents.

 Paige Duell – Housekeeping

Paige is thankful for health and happiness for herself and her 5-year daughter who just started Kindergarten and loves school! As a mom, Paige appreciates working with a team of people who support her when she needs it. “Sometimes things happen in life that are out of our control, and when they do, my colleagues are very understanding. They help me through everything, and I’m thankful for that!”

The residents of Catholic Eldercare are also a blessing to Paige. “Residents are always asking me about my daughter and are genuinely interested in hearing about her. It’s helped me realize that I am thankful for relationships, and the community around me. I know I can thrive when people genuinely care, and it helps me stay positive. Our residents have a lot of life experience to share, and it teaches and encourages me to stay positive.”

 Thoughts of Gratitude from the Catholic Eldercare Community

Our mission: Catholic Eldercare provides the care, housing and services needed by older adults to continue living fully with dignity in an intentionally created caring community.

These aren’t just words on a page, but the lived experience of our residents and staff. For

40 years, Catholic Eldercare has provided faith filled care and support to seniors and their families with dignity and love. Many say it’s heartwarming to watch the care and support that our staff gives our people each day. It’s truly a reflection of their love, care, and dedication.

 We are grateful for our joyful residents, their supportive families, our loving and dedicated employees, and the amazing support of our NE Minneapolis community.

 When we think about “faith put into action,” we see our nurses caring for a community member who is having a hard day by holding their hand, taking the time to chat with them, helping them be more comfortable, talking with them about their loved ones, singing to them as they brush their hair and get them ready for the day, and just smiling and caring for them.

 Greg Baumberger – Catholic Eldercare President & CEO

Greg is grateful for the powerful mission of Catholic Eldercare and how people are drawn to it. “It feeds everything we do,” he says. “And during religious holidays when it grows even stronger, my gratitude grows with it. I’m grateful for committed staff who have endured three years of pandemic, yet have continued to put their entire body, mind, and spirit into continuing to provide exceptional care to our residents. It’s remarkable.”

 The Catholic Eldercare Board of Directors and other volunteers are also at the top of Greg’s gratitude list. “I’m grateful for the guidance from our Board members, and all volunteers who enhance the lives of our residents, day in and day out.”

 Kiran Dahlin – Director of Campus Life Enrichment

Kiran is grateful that music therapy at Catholic Eldercare provides an opportunity for residents to be successful with making music, no matter what their cognitive or speech abilities are. “They can be successful with music by singing along to a familiar song, clapping, or tapping their toes,” says Kiran. “We do a drum circle group, and people with Parkinson’s disease who have tremors are able to hold a shaker and make music, and it boosts their self-esteem.”

 Friendships have blossomed from people making music together at Catholic Eldercare, and Kiran says, “I’m grateful to play a role in making that happen. Music is the best part of my day!”

Happy Thanksgiving from Catholic Eldercare. May you be blessed with grateful hearts and the love and warmth of family and friends as you gather around your Thanksgiving table.