Nurturing Life's Ageless Spirit.

Fr. Don Piché Encourages Us to See Things in a Different Way

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When your dad passes away, you know that Father’s Day will never be the same again, but Father Don Piché says you can stay closely connected when you realize that in God, there is no space or time. 
Father Piché witnesses it every day. His voice is filled with wonder when he talks about his connection to the people he serves at Catholic Eldercare (CEC). “These interactions touch on the core of what my priesthood is about,” he says. “There’s a multi-faceted dynamic between our lives, our love of God, and our spiritual lives. The spirit is alive at CEC, and our awareness awakens because of what we share together. It touches on the spirit of life and the dynamic that touches the soul, which is the eternal part of who we are. It’s the core of our person.”
As residents transition out of their homes into the CEC community, they face a lot of changes, but Fr. Piché has witnessed resilience and grace. “The eucharist helps people see what life is about and celebrates what they’ve lived throughout their lives,” he explains. “It’s easy to talk about the soul here because people are in touch with the dynamic of soul/spirit, and they’re less concerned about what they’ve lost and their physical struggles. It’s who we are together. When I go to CEC, I’m lifted up.”
Fr. Piché has dedicated 47 years to the priesthood, beginning with the Catholic Youth Center in Minneapolis. He served within parishes and has been led to CEC. He describes this leg of his journey as going home. “I grew up in Northeast Minneapolis, and now I’m working in the neighborhood,” he says. “I feel rich! My mom went to high school at Saint Anthony of Padua, and I’m saying Mass in the place where she went to Mass, and I’m riding high on it.”
Feeling he’s meant to be at CEC, Fr. Piché feels he has found his niche. “People need to be loved and share the love of God, and we’ve all found that at CEC,” he says. “There is a youth among the people here in faith and spirit. Even people who have difficulty speaking have a glimmer in their eyes and sparkle in their faces when I give the sign of peace. There is peace among us in that moment, and it passes from one heart to another.”
Fr. Piché prays that everyone facing a fatherless Father’s Day will find the peace that passes all understanding. He says, “Love your father with the spirit love that transcends space and time, and fathers, love your children with the spirit love that comes from faith, even though they may not always express their love for you.”
“Disabilities of our physical being make it difficult to see beyond to the eyes of faith,” he says with wisdom. “We miss interacting with loved ones at gatherings without realizing the eyes of faith don’t focus on separation; they focus on our communion.” He adds that prayer, meditation, acceptance, a change of attitude, and a willingness to see things differently will be a gift of the sight of faith. “Accept the gift of the communion of saints, the living and the dead, and most certainly, the people you love. God wants to give this gift to you.”
This Father’s Day, know that it’s okay to miss your dad but find comfort in continuing to love him. Fr. Piché is confident that you can rest assured that he’s still loving you.