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Celebrating Halloween With Seniors

The leaves are turning vibrant shades of color and there seems to be an extra nip in the air. As the temperature cools, the crisp air signals the beginning another season. With this new season comes the first celebration of Fall—Halloween! While many think of Halloween as a holiday for the kids, there are many ways to celebrate, regardless of your age.

Dress Up

What better way to get into the spirit of the holiday than by donning a costume? Halloween gives you permission to be something you’re not. As a fun way to observe the holiday, communities can hold costume contests. There can be many categories for winners: scariest, prettiest, funniest, most original, best homemade costume, and the best overall costume of the night.

Get Crafty

There are many fun and spooky crafts you can create:

  • Spooky garlands: Cut out jack-o-lanterns, spider webs, black cats, or ghosts and attach them to a string. For an extra sparkle, attach the cutouts to a string of lights.

  • Decorate pumpkins: Paint, sharpies, push pins and glitter can turn any pumpkin into a festive decoration.

  • Crochet doilies: Round crochet doilies look strikingly similar to a spider’s web. Adorn the doilies with plastic spiders and other skin crawling items to decorate a room.

  • Mason jar lid pumpkin: Connect mason jar lids with a piece of string. Paint the lids the color of your choice with some spray paint. Once you have it tied to form the body of the pumpkin, add some cinnamon sticks in the middle for the stem.

  • Fall flower arrangement: Hollow out a pumpkin and use it as your vase. Fill it up with your favorite fall blooms. These make wonderful centerpieces for a table or a to simply brighten a room.

Spooky Treats

Gather everyone for mysterious and creepy-inspired treats. Put together a menu that consists of devilish eggs, shrunken head cider, mummy brie, brain jello and doughnut eyeballs that are sure to catch everyone’s attention. Creating these frightening treats can be as much fun to make as they are to eat.

Plan A Field Trip

Visit your local pumpkin patch. It’s a wonderful opportunity to engage in a stimulating activity outdoors. Plan on visiting during the weekday to cut down on the crowds. Many pumpkin patches offer more than just gourds. There are usually a wide array of food, cider, corn mazes, and animal encounters to enjoy. Once everyone has picked their pumpkins, follow up the activity with pumpkin decorating party!

Classic Horror Movie

Gather residents for a classic horror movie marathon night. Take a poll beforehand to see which scary movies are their favorites. Unveil the top 5 winners by posting them on paper tombstones, ghosts, or pumpkins.  Add some popcorn and other movie theater snacks to make it extra tasty.

Fun For All

Halloween can be fun and enjoyable for everyone. It’s a great opportunity to socialize and spend time with others. At Catholic Eldercare, we offer a caring, community atmosphere for elders of all faiths, where they receive the support, respect, and spiritual enrichment they need. Our calendar is always chock full of fun activities for residents to enjoy. Contact our office today at (612) 379-1370 to learn more about our Catholic Eldercare community.