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Nurturing Life's Ageless Spirit.

How Catholic Eldercare Combines Support and Independence


Aging is complex and affects each person differently. At Catholic Eldercare, we want to empower aging adults to feel in charge of their own life. In order to achieve that, we customize each resident’s care plan depending on their needs and ability. By combining the right amount of support and independence, we hope to enhance the quality of life in older adults so they can live fully with dignity.

Nutritious Meal Plans

At meal time, many older adults who live alone may rely on convenience foods. Frozen dinners and fast food, while convenient, may not give them the nutrition their body needs. By moving into a senior living community, seniors will have access to a variety of healthy, nutritious meals and snacks. No need to worry about what to cook for dinner tonight, simply head to the dining area to select the most appealing option.

Maintenance Free

Mowing the lawn, shoveling snow or cleaning out the gutters are just a few things you need to keep up with when owning a home. The demands are not only time consuming, but expensive and dangerous for aging adults. When you live in a senior community, you can break free from these labor intensive chores and rest easy knowing that your daily chores and home maintenance are taken care of.

Enrichment Programs

Life at Catholic Eldercare is full of opportunities for socialization, recreation, spirituality and creativity. Residents will have access to a wide variety of activities to choose from. From crafting, music, exercise, book club and so much more! Our community offers a wide range of programs designed to meet every level of ability and interest.

Restore your Independence

Catholic Eldercare’s assisted living residences restore independence by taking care of many of the daily concerns that make living alone unfeasible. Our residents design a lifestyle that caters to their individual needs so they can enjoy the camaraderie and conveniences of community life to the fullest. To learn more about our communities, please contact Robin Haenze at or 612-605-2515.