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Nurturing Life's Ageless Spirit.

Catholic Eldercare Assisted Living in Minneapolis, MN

Assisted Living in Minneapolis, MN

Reclaim your independence

Catholic Eldercare’s assisted living residences in Minneapolis, MN restore independence by taking care of the many daily concerns that make living alone unfeasible or depending on family members for care burdensome.

Both of our assisted living communities, MainStreet Lodge and RiverVillage East, cater to the needs and desires of today’s seniors to make life comfortable and easy—as it should be.

Located in Northeast Minneapolis, life is full of opportunities for socialization, recreation, spirituality, and creativity. Featured is a daily program of cultural and recreational activities designed to nurture the body, energize the spirit, and invigorate the mind.

The cost of monthly rent includes many services that alleviate the stress of housekeeping and provide peace of mind in knowing that one’s safety and comfort are in good hands. A variety of optional amenities allow residents to customize the services and care they receive, paying only for what they need. In Catholic Eldercare’s assisted living communities, residents design a lifestyle that caters to their individual needs so they can enjoy the camaraderie and conveniences of community life to the fullest.