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St. Anthony of Padua Chapel interior

Welcome to St. Anthony of Padua Chapel

NE Minneapolis’s Catholic cornerstone since 1868

Catholic Eldercare is honored to be part of a long story of faith that spans generations. There is no better embodiment of our Catholic heritage than St. Anthony of Padua Chapel. As the spiritual cornerstone of the Albert J. Hofstede Campus, this historic church holds over 150 years of NE Minneapolis Catholic history.

Today, the chapel is home to the neighborhood’s beloved Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help as well as Catholic Eldercare’s beautiful garden-pathed common, The Green. More important, St. Anthony of Padua continues to be a sacred place where so many come to worship, pray and reflect . We welcome you to do the same.

St. Anthony of Padua Chapel front view from the street

The History of St. Anthony of Padua Chapel

“The life of the body is the soul; the life of the soul is God.”
- Saint Anthony of Padua

The parish of St. Anthony of Padua derives its name from its location near St. Anthony Falls, a 1680 settlement of mainly French trappers and Native Americans. In 1849, Fr. Augustine Ravoux began building a mission church in St. Anthony and named it for St. Anthony of Padua. Thus, began the history of this parish, first built as a mission station served by the French missionary priests stationed in Mendota. The first church was completed in 1851, and the diocese of St. Paul was created. In 1968, Fr. Felix Tissot led the effort to finish a larger stone church, in which we presently worship.

As the oldest Catholic parish in Minneapolis, St. Anthony’s earned the moniker of “The Mother Church of the Lakes.” The parish grew through the late 1800s and into the new century, seeing old wooden structures replaced in time by stronger brick buildings. After decades of heavy use, however, the church was in need of major work following WWII. A two-year renovation, completed in 1948 by Fr. Francis Lang, installed the modern oak alters still in place as well as a New Bedford stone façade, restoring the look of its original appearance. The shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help also was dedicated at this time. The shrine still stands and remains a symbol of devotion, with visitors attending the shrine at all hours to pray.

As time progressed, it was recognized that the St. Anthony neighborhood was an older neighborhood of close families. In January 1980, Catholic Eldercare was incorporated to help elders in the community receive adequate care close to home. Fr. William Hough, pastor from 1974-1991, arranged leasing of the school land to Catholic Eldercare for construction of a full service senior housing and nursing care complex, which opened in August of 1983.

On July 1, 2013, Catholic Eldercare purchased the St. Anthony of Padua Church building. We are proud and honored to have been entrusted with the stewardship, of this historic structure. Our goal is to ensure that the St. Anthony of Padua Chapel remains at the center of our community’s life in service to the spiritual needs of our clients, their families and our neighbors—just as it has for more than 150 years.

Events and Milestones

  • 1849 – Fr. Augustin Ravoux builds a mission church in St. Anthony Falls
  • 1851 – Diocese of St. Paul created; first church completed
  • 1868 – Fr. Felix Tissot finishes construction of larger stone church
  • 1898 – After growth of parish, two brick towers added to church facade
  • 1947 – Fr. Francis Lang begins major renovations; Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help dedicated
  • 1948 – Renovation completed with new facade, modernized alter and communion rail
  • 1964-1966 – Fr. John Brown remodels sanctuary following Vatican II changes
  • 1980 – Catholic Eldercare is incorporated
  • 1982 – Fr. William Hough leases school land to Catholic Eldercare for senior care complex
  • 1982 – Construction of Catholic Eldercare complex begins
  • 1983 – Catholic Eldercare opens
  • 2013 – St. Anthony of Padua building is purchased by Catholic Eldercare
  • 2018 – Dedication of newly constructed space next to the chapel – The Green
  • 2019 – Re-dedication of the newly renovated Our Lady of Perpetual Help shrine
  • 2022 – Dedication of the new St. Anthony of Padua Garden.  Fr. John Bauer blessed the garden and the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
  • 2023 – Catholic Eldercare announces a year of celebration commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Catholic Eldercare.